"I am absolutely hooked on Pilates: My posture is better, my body is stronger and more toned, and I have been pain-free and not needed a chiropractor since I started this method of exercise. I began classes at another studio, but the instruction at Upward Spiral Studio is just plain superior and superb. It changes and progresses and never gets stale or staid."

Janice Murray, Age 62, Administrator

"Doing Pilates with Martha and Paula has been a transformative experience for me, with abundant physical, psychological, and cognitive benefits. They are gifted teachers who put a great deal of thought, care, creativity, patience, energy, and expertise into their lessons. Martha and Paula and Bess create an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive but challenging and stimulating as well."

Suzanne Smith, Age 34, Educator

"If you are looking for a low impact, high result exercise routine I highly recommend GYROKINESIS®. The exercises will go a long way in strengthening your core. My back is my problem spot. Gyro works like nothing else in strengthening the muscles that support my spine. In fact, no muscle is left unattended from your toes on up. Martha is fantastic and her classes are fun. Come and join us—you and your body will be surprised."

Paul Turcotte, Broker, Owner RE/MAX Destiny


"Decompression is the first word that comes to mind when friends ask what this gyro class I go to is all about. A gradual, natural decompression. GYROKINESIS® has a liberating effect on the joints, a feeling of weightless airiness develops when one does these movements consistently. Being a naturally uncoordinated person, I found it challenging to get the hang of gyro, but after a couple of months I no longer felt like the Tin Man in the morning: a stealthy transformation that makes itself felt not in immediate sweat or burn but in greater all-around mobility, even in the vexed (for many of us) lower back and shoulders. I look forward to gyro sessions as my weekly vacation from gravity."

Claire Silvers, Pilates M.A.T. and GYROKINESIS® client

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great classes! I am looking forward to the remaining sessions. For 24 hours after this week's class, the muscle aches somehow made me improve my posture and gave me a consciousness of my hips and stomach. I felt taller and better aligned, and the stiff shoulders that had been bothering me for the previous two weeks went away!"


"I started Pilates as a way to avoid a recurrence of nerve pain apparently caused by stenosis of the cervical spine. It worked. I have been pain free for three years. In addition, Pilates has been a wonderful complement to my other physical activities (Scottish country Dancing) in that it focuses mostly on the core, but also on flexibility, posture, lengthening, and upper body strength. Now I can't imagine NOT doing Pilates. At the end of a session with Martha, Paula, or Bess, I float back to my car with a sense of accomplishment and with body and spirit stretched, strengthened, and refreshed!"

Linda McJannet, Age 66, Professor of English, Bentley University


"When I waas 20 years old, I hd lower back surgery to repair a herniated disc. The acute pain disappeared, but I was left with minor lower back pain and decreased flexibility. Although I could function on a day to day basis, I wasn't able to play sports, take a dance class, or do other physical activities without pain. On the recommendation of a friend, I started taking Pilates classes and the improvement has been incredible.

It didn't take long until both my flexibility and strength increased, and after 4 months I was able to play softball for the first time in 5 years. I have now been doing Pilates for almost a year and a half, and it is the most important part of my exercise routine. It has been the only thing that significantly helps my back, and I can feel the difference when I don't go consistently. The type of studio and the quality of the instructors definitely play a part in the whole process, and I would enthusiastically recommend Upward Spiral. I have been to a number of different studios over the last year, and they have been the best by far."

Lauren Stolar, Age 26, Structural Engineer


"Men love to be strong and tight, until they discover they need to be loose and supple... or else! Gyro is great for this 62-yr-old skier, 3x marathon runner and full court basketball player."

Ed Kahn


"If you have a crazy busy life and want to be strong, limber and graceful, Then I highly recommend GYROTONIC® at Upward Spiral Studio in Cambridge, MA. I use it to stay ready for the ski season in the winter and triathlons in the summer." See full Video Review.

Brandon Jellison LMT